It's happening.  I've been emailing a mortgage broker and tonight I spoke with a realtor. Looking at buying a house. Scary!  Feel like I've been mistaken for a grownup when I'm really just a bunch of ducks in a human suit.

Interviews & moving cats

My interview at Dal went well, and I should hear results by the first week of November. Around the same time I'll hear whether SMU is interested in interviewing me.

Both of these positions would entail moving to Halifax, which means trans porting four cats very long distances.  Anyone else who has moved cats: what did you do?  Our options for flying seem poor. I'm wondering about taking the train or a car, but that seems slow.


I have an interview with Dal in Halifax. originally in September, now rescheduled for early October.  I also submitted an application for a tenure track position at SMU in Halifax. Both of these academic jobs would enable me to move home and be close to my family again.

On Sunday I go to Banff for two weeks to the Indigenous Writers Retreat. Looking forward to that very much, although I don't like travel.  I got invited to attend a bisexual health briefing at the White House, but had to turn it down. I hope they'll invite me again in the future.

Bad news on the New Investigator Application

I didn't get the new Investigator Award, but I've got some good notes for improving my next application.  Overall, they didn't identify a lot of weaknesses. One of the issues they did flag is annoying, because there was a confusing part of the application and I emailed CIHR for clarification, did exactly what they told me to do, and then lost points for doing so.  Grrr.

I'll have a better shot in the next competititon. I've got a head-start on writing (since I can revise what I have), I have comments to work with, I'll have advanced in my career, and they have special calls for Indigenous investigators.

i have to figure out how to express my supervisory work better, and find more opportunities to do that kind of work.

Now I'm sitting, fingers crossed, to hear back about the Dal application.

Dal Update

Dalhousie University in Halifax has requested and received by reference letters. One of my references was by phone, and the person who provided it told me that Dal as "etremely interested" in my application. I am extremely interested in working for them. If I move on to the next stage in this courtship then I might get invited to give a talk at the school and get interviewed in person.  Appendages crossed.


I've applied for a job at Dalhousie University. This has revealed that Mr. Pugh and I have a longing to return home. It's becoming a whole thing.

Not having cancer is the best!

I have a very sore and very bruised right breast.  But that's okay.  Because it turns out that I do not have cancer. I'm fine.

For the past few months there was some concen.  I had a suspicious mammogram, then another one. Then I had a suspiciopus ultrasound. This week I got a second suspicious ultrasound and then five biopsies of the suspicious lump.  I  hung around the hospital for six hours reading a murder mystery until the results came back.  Negative.  No cancer. **Happy Dance!** Mr. Pugh and I had been being optimistic and strong for each other and now we can collapse and admit how scared we really were.  I know I had a few days where I started crying at work and had to bottle that shit up fast.

Another reason for doing the happy dance is that I've won a CIHR Catalyst Grant in Communtiy Based HIV Research.  They'll give me $30,000 to do my project, which examines how friendly the grant review process is for Indigenous researchers. I'll be doing a lot of interviews. It's a lot of work, but getting it puts me one crucial step closer to getting a permenent research job. It's all coming up Margaret this week.  Now if I can just have some time to decompress from all the stress.

Can't get out of this funk

I've been tired for days and days now, compounded by my back being crazy painful.  I'm kind of grouchy and antisocial and feeling generally down about not getting as much work done as I would like. My brain feels befuddled.

Taking today off.

I worked 68 hours this past week. It's been 17 days since I had a day off. I am taking today off.  I am going to a spa. I am going shopping for clothes I need. I am eating lunch in a restaurant. I may even go to a movie. I am trying really really hard not to feel bad about this.