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Demented ramblings

Hyper-critical Virgo and her mental strife

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Margaret Robinson
23 August 1973
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  • the_moogie@livejournal.com
The Moogie is a member of the Re:searching For LGBTQ Health team in the Social Equity and Health Research department at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. She is currently a research fellow examining bisexual women's use of cannabis. She was previously project manager of Risk & Resilience, a study of the mental health of bisexuals living in Ontario.

The Moogie completed her PhD in Theology at the University of Toronto. Her dissertation, Turning Points In Identity, examined bisexual women's choice between polyamourous and monogamous relationship structures.

She is also a bisexual activist. She is one of three directors of the Toronto Bisexuality Education Project. She is the former programming and financial director for the Ninth International Conference on Bisexuality, Gender and Sexual Diversity.

In her spare time she writes fanfiction for the USA Network television show Psych, which she posts on her tera_gram journal.

She lives downtown, at the corner of Chinatown and Kensington Market, with her partner, mr_pugh and her cats, Archie, Nero, Fritz, and Lola. She has an ecclectic circle of friends, some of whom are even stranger than she is.

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